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NECE Conference on Civic Education in Glasgow – Call for projects

Confronting Inequalities! The Role of Citizenship Education

NECE Conference 2019, 24 – 27 October, Glasgow Technology Innovation Center (TIC), Strathclyde University Registration is open now! Please register here
Read more: http://www.bpb.de/veranstaltungen/netzwerke/nece/ 
NECE 2019 is proposing to discuss how the many forms of inequality – class, income, gender, race, ethnic origin, talent and geography – are affecting the rights of citizenship in our societies – in other words inclusion and exclusion in society, participation or non-participation in politics, and last but not least individual opportunities in life. Our aim is to explore the socio-economic, political, educational and cultural dimensions of inequalities and their impact on approaches and practices of citizenship education in schools and in civil society. One fundamental question will be how citizenship education as a profession can learn to deal with the effects that inequality and poverty have on the lives of young people and citizens living on the margins of society. We also propose to start a conversation on how we as citizenship educators can better deal with the background of economic, financial and technological trends that are shaping our lives and affecting citizens and their status and prospects in society and politics. Is it “the economy, stupid” or the “stupid economy”? Last but not least, as the effects of climate change and global warming have been triggering deep societal concerns and new citizens’ movements – such as the transnational “Fridays for Future” school strikes – NECE 2019 will look at the ever more important global dimension of inequality. We will ask how approaches to globalise citizenship education may play a bigger role in the future.
REGISTER NOW via: https://lcem.lab-concepts.de/registration/nece-conference-2019-glasgow/en

Your chance to get involved

Market place of European models and good practice projects in citizenship education
We invite you to present your organisation and your projects during the conference! Up to fifteen organisations will have the possibility to present themselves in the project market of European models and good practice projects in citizenship education. Please find  here the terms and conditions for participation in the project market. You can apply by filling in the project market application in the general conference registration tool.
Call for Projects
NECE 2019 is offering the opportunity to contribute to our conference programme by presenting projects about inequalities and citizenship education at the NECE Conference 2019 in Glasgow, UK. Please find  here more information and the terms and conditions. Please submit your proposal or project idea by using the online-factsheet. The deadline for the submission is 15 July 2019. The selection of projects will be concluded by 31 July 2019.
More information on topics and logistics will be available soon here and on www.nece-conference.eu as well as via #NECE 2019
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