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The project will be developed by a consortium of four organisations: Ústav pro studium totalitních režimů, European Solidarity Centre, CEDIN, and Sofia Platform. All four organisations are deeply engaged in teaching about the communist past, promoting innovative ways of teaching, and training teachers in the fields of history and/or civics.
The “Exploring the Past in the Present: Learning Civics through History” project wants to promote constructivist approaches towards history teaching and help European teachers make it a regular part of their practise. This approach avoids the frontal model of teaching, which is based on the teacher in an authoritative role transmitting knowledge top-down, while students are only expected to receive it and memorize it by heart. Inquiry-based learning, in contrast, introduces a partnership environment into the classroom. Students learn history by directly working with the sources, building hypotheses, verifying them, and then correcting them.
Therefore, the project will develop a series of teacher-training courses that allow educators to acquire key competences These will help teachers use inquiry-based methods in their classrooms, thus strengthening the historical literacy and civic competencies of their students. The teacher-training courses will also fill a gap in the offer of educational tools, as there is no online platform that would both directly address teachers’ professional development in the form of course directed at them, and at the same time contain fully-tested materials, accompanied by walk-through, evaluative tools, and examples of good practice.
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