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Mapping civic education in Europe

Visual mapping and network analysis of civic education in Europe.
THE CIVICS Innovation Hub is a pan-European non-profit organisation, founded in 2021.
The mission is to strengthen the democratic competence, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe in a bottom-up manner. THE CIVICS supports both citizens and civic educators to deal with major challenges of our time, such as threats to democracy, causes and effects of climate change and social divides.
In its major program “Mapping civic education in Europe” THE CIVICS is going to map stakeholders of civic education throughout Europe in cooperation with local partners in each country who will facilitate conducting the research in name of their country. The Sofia Platform Foundation is the local partner for the project in Bulgaria.
With the mapping THE CIVICS identifies who stakeholders of civic education are, both in non-formal and informal civic education; describes which topics and groups of society they are focusing on; looks into whether and how they collaborate; and finally, seeks to analyse what they need in order to create innovative and strong responses to the challenges faced by the citizens of Europe. The data will be published in an interactive map (Example of a map can be accessed here).
The mapping project is supported by the German Federal Agency for Civic Education / bpb.

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