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Jointly with the European Policy Centre, we explored civic cohesion as an approach to improving civic engagement in Europe. Based on the research, we made a report with results and recommendations for its strengthening.
The focus of the project is directed towards smaller and emerging organizations working in the field of civic education, that seek opportunities to develop their organizational capacity and team capabilities.
The exhibition "Reading through Socialism: GDR and PRB" invites you on a journey through the literature of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) and the People's Republic of Bulgaria (PRB).
In July 2021, we launched the Debunking Conspiracy Theories project with the support of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Sofia. The aim of the project is to throw light upon the origin and the influence of conspiracy theories, to encourage the citizens to be conscious of their hidden risks, despite their
A strong school curriculum on the subject of Civic Education is an essential condition to an informed and active civic participation. Here’s why, we joined forces with Street Law, DXC Technology and UnitedLex, and with the support of the US Embassy in Bulgaria launched a project called ‘Lawyers assisting Civic Education Teachers’.
Histories from Belene, is a program implemented by the Sofia Platform Foundation from April 2022 to December 2024 with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. Histories from Belene is one part of Sofia Platform Foundation’s work to support the formal and informal education sectors in promoting knowledge on the recent past and civic...
This conversation about the EU was not held in a class room or a conference hall. The Sofia Platform Foundation and Inside Joke Stand-up Comedy organized a series of three stand-up comedy shows “Made in EU” with the support of the German Embassy in Sofia.
Visual mapping and network analysis of civic education in Europe. THE CIVICS Innovation Hub is a pan-European non-profit organisation, founded in 2021. The mission is to strengthen the democratic competence, self-efficacy, and resilience of citizens across Europe in a bottom-up manner.
The summer school “Why should we remember?” organized by the Sofia Platform Foundation with the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation, gathers annually around 20 youngsters from all over Bulgaria who become part of the community of “ambassadors of memory”. The main themes of the program are the differences between democracy and totalitarian regimes, dealing with the past and its significance for the present and future. A variety of activities address those during the summer school – interactive methods, working with archival materials, visits to important historical sites, discussions with eyewitnesses, expert lectures.
Sofia Platform Foundation in collaboration with Democratic Society, City of Reykjavik and Citizens Foundation, organized a Local Democracy Lab – an online public deliberation event to discuss the condition of democracy through the lens of the Covid-19 pandemic. The event took place in the town of Belene on Saturday, July 3, 2021.
Together with the European Commission in Bulgaria and Ucha.se we created video lessons on the approved by the Ministry of Education and Science curriculum for ‘Civic Education’ for the 11th grade. The subject enters the classrooms for the first time in the 2020/2021 school year on, and the 36 free video lessons follow the curriculum and are intended to support both students and their teachers.

In light of the ongoing war initiated by Russia against Ukraine, many teachers from Bulgarian schools have reached out to us seeking assistance in addressing the topic when questions arise in their classrooms. Our firm belief is that current national and global events should be discussed in schools. Students do not live in a vacuum.

Thе Civic Health Index (CHI) is a sociological survey developed by Sofia Platform Foundation as part of the Civic Europe program, funded by the German organization Stiftung Mercator. The application of the Index is the work of Global Metrics – an agency for marketing and sociological research and analysis.
New 3 year partnership between Sofia Platform Foundation, MitOst e.V and Stiftung Mercator supporting active citizens on the local level.
Teaching materials on the EU developed by the Sofia Platform Foundation and the online teaching platform ucha.se with the support of the German Embassy in Sofia and the The German Federal Foreign Office.
An Erasmus+ project with partners from Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain and Norway on developing online school materials for hard-to-reach learners, including the subject “European Values and Democracy”.
Promoting citizenship education through open lessons for 11th and 12th graders, summer schools for university students, teacher trainings and town hall meetings.
Participatory approach to dealing with transition in post ‘89 Germany and Eastern Europe with new concepts for the European civic education.
Sofia Platform presents its latest publication “Mapping Transition in Eastern Europe: Experience of Change after the End of Communism”. With rise of populism, illiberalism and xenophobia in EU’s Eastern Europe, a key question has become “what went wrong?”.
An Erasmus + project in contribution with partners from Prague, Czech Republic; Sarajevo, Bosnia and Slovakia.
Motivated by the 25th anniversary of 1989 a group of practitioners and academics from the former East Bloc countries got together in 2014 to reflect upon the impact communism and transition have had on our societies at large and specifically on the generation of transition.
A series of lectures in 8 schools across Bulgaria, focusing on the history and fate of the Bulgarian Jews during WWII, carried out by experts and representatives of the rescued Jewish community
An one-of-a-kind interactive seminar where top faculty and professionals, together with all participants discussed the state of democracy, the rule of law, education, media, economy and entrepreneurship in lectures and workshops.
The project “Lessons from the past: what happened before ’89?” which started in March 2016 was conducted under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rossen Plevneliev. Support for Sofia Platform is provided by the America for Bulgaria foundation.

“25 Years Free Bulgaria” was an initiative under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, implemented by the Sofia Platform and supported by America For Bulgaria.

At a workshop in Sofia on 18 April 2018, organized by Sofia Platform, participants discussed their expectations of this EU reform process, and the role of climate and energy policies in it.
Training of representatives of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the Iraqi Kurdistan Parliament and the non-governmental sector in Iraq.

International round table discussion in the framework of EU’s Global Foreign Policy Strategy Review with the participation of HR Federica Mogherini

Collection of policy briefs, edited by Anahit Shirinyan and Louisa Slavkova, highlighting the foreign policy challenges currently faced by the Black Sea countries.

Joint training by the Balkan Trust for Democracy and the Sofia Platform for CSO Leaders from the MENA region
Iraqi Parliamentarians and NGOs from Eastern Europe exchange experience and explore models of diversity protection and anti-discrimination legislations in the region
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