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Meet the Bulgarian participants in the Young Climate Professionals program!

The Young Climate Professionals program launches with participants from 7 countries. At its very core is enhancing individuals’ sustainability competences. We believe that the YCPs will become agents of change who can help tackle climate issues and actively support the green transition. During our closing meeting in Berlin, the most outstanding project ideas will receive a mini grant. 
Read more about the program here.
We are delighted to introduce you the approved 8 candidates from Bulgaria:

Paula Staneva

My name is Paula Staneva. I am 18 years old, from Bulgaria. I am in the final year of studying Architecture and Construction graduating with a third degree, medium-special Education at Vocational High School of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy – “Architect Kamen Petkov” in Plovdiv. This year I am preparing for the UACEG in Sofia for an –źrchitecture major.
My main interests are energy efficiency, technology, urban planning, the architecture of Modernism and cinematography. 
In my spare time, being part of “Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bulgaria’’ Association, I volunteer in Plovdiv’s social homes for children deprived of parental care. Also, I go to nature, that’s what really heals me. Often, I spend hours painting and sometimes go camping.
I was raised to live as a creator, not as a consumer. I am interested in creating an urban project that integrates people into nature and contributes to harmony in scenery connected to our modern needs and lifestyle.

Anita Dangova

Anita Dangova is a Junior Expert at the Economic Policy Institute since July 2022. She has graduated with Bachelor’s in European and International Law in Bristol, United Kingdom, and a Master’s in International Trade and Investment Law from the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Between 2021 and 2022 Anita worked for the Council of the European Union at the Directorate for International Trade. Anita is one of the Korea Research Fellows of the Economic Policy Institute in 2021 when she developed a policy paper on the WTO compatibility of the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, its economic impact on the Republic of Korea and Bulgaria, as well as the role that the EU-Korea FTA could play in furthering policy cooperation and dialogue in this respect. Anita has a broad research background in the area of EU and International Trade Law and sustainable development.
Her Master’s thesis addressed the topic of the de minimis and Green Box exemptions of the WTO Agreement on Agriculture, and their counterproductive impact on the decrease of trade-distorting domestic support.
Anita has worked for the Embassy of Bulgaria in London, for several Law firms in the UK, and as an Assistant for Advocacy at the European Law Students Association. She speaks Bulgarian, English, Russian and French, and is in the course of learning German.

Iva Dimitrova

My name is Iva Dimitrova and I live in Sofia, Bulgaria. My academic background is in the field of economics. My interest in the environment and climate change has been raised in the last few years. I have been a volunteer for many environmental organizations in Bulgaria and last year I had the chance to join Za Zemiata – Friends of the Earth Bulgaria as a team member. There, I am bringing in my expertise in economics and work on strengthening campaigns by adding numbers and graphs showing that operating sustainably has not only environmental but also social and financial benefits.

Mihaela Hristova

My name is Mihaela Hristova and I am a high school student at Profiled Language School where I study Spanish, English and history.
I like taking part in the organization of different events and contribute to my local community by changing things I believe are important. I participate in a UN club, where we have discussed the topic of green literacy, which has become significant to me.
As travelling is one of my favourite things to do, I always try to do it eco-friendly and reduce my carbon print while enjoying nature and interesting places. Having a dog also taught me the importance of a clean environment, where I don‘t have to worry whether it is going to eat garbage on the street.
I believe that during this project we can share good ideas, knowledge and experience in the field of green literacy and can‘t wait to see you all.

Tsvetomir Ivanov

I’m a last-year student at the Vocational School of Engineering and Electrical Engineering. I am studying Computer technology and technology with advanced study of English. Next year, if everything goes according to plan, I’ll start my college years as a Geography teacher. For several years, I want to be that, model figure, to try to teach the new generations things, but in a different way.
For the last 5 or 6 years, climate change, the dying Earth, Plants, and everything connected somehow to Ecology were some of the topics I talked about most.
Nature is my second home. I love walking in the quiet, virgin nature. My friends know that I have weekly walks in the forest near the city, so I just shut my mind off and make time for Myself. Another thing that I am obsessed with, is books. I don’t find anything cosier than a book, a cup of coffee, and some free time.
With my school, I have been in a few places where I gained some experience about a thing or two. I am the Deputy Speaker in our School Parliament and in the last few years we’ve been at police stations, the court, the fire department, regional administration, and the army, we have certificates from The European Parliament, and I am being part of Big Brother, Big Sister’s projects.

Stilian Stefanov

My name is Stilian Stefanov and I am a member of the Bulgarian team taking part in the Young Climate Professionals program. I am a graduate of European Studies from Maastricht University, Netherlands and an exchange student from Charles University, Czech Republic.
I have taken part in more than 30 international projects on a vast range of topics within the frameworks of a few EU-wide programs. I am particularly interested in history, geography, culture, politics, environmental problems and preservation.
The Young Climate Professionals project is an outstanding opportunity to discover more about the pressing problems of the environment in light of the EU’s current political commitments and ambitions. I believe that the exchange of knowledge and ideas with young people from all over Europe will have a conducive impact on both participants and their communities.

Bilyana Valkova

My name is Bilyana Valkova. I am 22 years old, from Bulgaria. I am in the final year of my Bachelor’s degree in International Relations at Sofia University. I have diverse interests in fields in close relation to my degree such as History and Politics, and in more ecological spheres such as the contemporary problems of Sustainability and Overconsumption that we face as a society. 
I’d be heavily interested to develop a project in this realm of green studies.

Vyara Stancheva

My name is Vyara Stancheva and I was born in Varna, Bulgaria. I just received my high school diploma from First language school, where my majors were languages, more specifically English and German. Currently, I’m starting my bachelor’s degree in archaeology at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.
As one might have guessed my main topics of interest are history and archaeology, but I’m also very passionate about art and literature. Although it might seem , all these humanitarian subjects are closely intertwined with the preservation of our environment, which is why I decided to apply for this project.
In terms of participation in such projects, sadly I’ve only been able to take part in small-scale ones, but it’s finally time to change that.
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